Service idea
Service idea

Attentive Service
Color: Integration of standard color blue and complementary colors red and orange. Blue symbolizes the service promise from the enterprise to the consumers. Red symbolizes the attentive service of the enterprise, as well as sincerity, patience and modesty. Orange, the necessary supplement of the two colors, infuses the feeling of warmth, joy and sincerity in people.
Shape: On the logo, three symmetrical hearts are interconnected with each other, pleasing to the eyes and easily recognized. The logo is a manifestation of the concept of attentive service advocated by the enterprise. The logo, with three hearts respectively representing enterprises, service institutions and consumers, signifies that the three parties treat each other with sincerity. The highest standard for service is the empathy between enterprises and consumers, and Bei Ben Heavy-duty Truck Company is just the creator and advocator of this standard.
Significance: The attentive service, reflected from the logo, is prevalent in the excellent service system of the company. Attentive service refers to communicating with consumers with credit, patience and modesty. Sincerity refers to true emotion and communication with sincerity, with no block in souls. Patience refers to explaining and answering questions for consumers with maximum patience. And the enterprise tries to take into account what the consumers want and worry about. Modesty refers to learning and improving professional and service level in work. Attentive service can be embodied in the following aspects: offering considerate and rapid technical support; to be with the consumers on the road; bringing every consumer warmth and sincerity.