Dump truck
NG80-KY: The overall designing of the vehicles is pleasing to the eyes. The brand new NG80B driving cab is created by the company. The structure of metal framework and stressed-skin exclusive to the domestic heavy-duty trucks makes possible the security of European vehicles at the same level, and can satisfy the requirements of European ECER29 Security Regulations. The vehicle frame is molded by stamping and this guarantees the strength of the crossbeams. The axle technique unique to Benz vehicles boasts of features such as high reliability, fuel economy, high attendance rate, strengthened structure, large cargo capacity, all making it suitable for engineering projects such as road and bridge construction, water conservancy projects, as well as transportation of various heavy goods.
6x4 WD615.506x4 WD615.506x4 WD615.506x4 WD12.4206x4 WD615.508x4 WD615.386×4 WP10.290E32/WP10.2906×4 WP10.340E326×4 WP10.380E328×4 WP10.310E328×4 WP10.380E326×6 WP10.340E32/WP10.3756×6 WP10.380E326×4 WP10.290E326×4 WP10.340E328×4 WP10.340E32