The series products of our trucks are ideal versions instead of imported ones. With outstanding performance and high quality, they are widely used in industries and sectors, such as national defense, aviation, postal service, railways, highways, harbors, petroleum, chemicals, water and electricity, forests, fire fighting, banks and peace keeping forces. Now our trucks are sold to the worldwide countries and areas, such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Libya, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Syria, and so forth.

All series products of Bei Ben Trucks are well received by customers both at home and abroad. We welcome more friends to cooperate with us.
4×2 WP10.420E326x4 WD12.4206x4 WP12.420E32 6x4 WP12.420E324×2 WP12.375E504×2 WP12.400N6×4 WP12.4006×4 WP12.430E406×4 WP12.460N4*2 WP10.290E32 4×2 WP10.420E32 6*4 WP10.380E32/WP10.375 6×4 WP10.420E326×4 WP12.480