BEIBEN Trucks Group Co., Ltd is in Baotou, China. Beiben Trucks Group Co., Ltd is the owner of the trademark as “Beiben”and Beiben brand. As the biggest military-to-civilian project of NORINCO Group established by introducing fully the technology of Daimler-Benz heavy duty trucks, BEIBEN Trucks Group Co., Ltd is the only manufacturer of commercial vehicles in China featuring military-civilian integration.
     BEIBEN Trucks Group Co.,Ltd gives full play to its technical and brand advantages and consistently promotes construction of a marketing network integrating sales, services and spare parts into one. By committing ourselves to better serving the national economy, defense construction and mass clients and advocating the concept of cooperation for win-win and continuously uplifting coordinated management of domestic and overseas markets, we have successfully put in place five systems, i.e. market, product, service, management and capacity building under the guidance of the strategy of paralleled development of military and civilian products and integrated operation of military and civilian markets. Both Beiben Trucks Group Co., Ltd and China North Vehicle Corp.,Ltd(hereinafter referred to as NORINCO VEHICLE ) are affiliated to NORINCO GROUP. By virtue of international operation platform of NORINCO VEHICLE, Beiben Trucks Group Co., Ltd is exploring its overseas markets,such as Iranian civilian market, which is jointly operated by Beiben Trucks Group Co., Ltd and NORINCO VEHICLE.On top of that, we are also exploring the global market at full capacity and have so far established our presence in more than 100 countries and regions in Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Central Asia and Middle East.
     In the spirit of returning society with self-development, BEIBEN Trucks Group Co., Ltd of today is forging ahead toward its goal of becoming an innovative heavy-duty truck manufacturer featuring military-civilian integration and coordinated development of domestic and overseas markets.